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Rob Neto has written both fiction and non-fiction books. His first book, Sidemount Diving An Almost Comprehensive Guide was published in 2015 and was a great success. Over the next few years more and more manufacturers introduced sidemount rigs and different techniques were introduced and evolved. This brought about the 2nd edition of Sidemount Diving in 2020. The 2nd edition is more than twice as long and contains significantly more information. It has also been translated into German and Spanish and is currently being translated into additional languages.

Rob has been scuba diving for 20 years and cave and sidemount diving for almost as long. When Rob started diving sidemount there were only two commercially sold sidemount rigs, very few sidemount divers, and even less instructors. There was also only one book published by a training agency that provided a brief overview. After teaching himself by trial and error how to maximize the use of a sidemount system Rob decided to become a sidemount instructor. At the time only one agency offered a sidemount class and there were very few instructor trainers. Rob traveled several hours to meet and dive with an instructor trainer and earn his instructor rating. After teaching sidemount for a few years Rob decided to put his teachings to paper and publish a book.

Rob has also ventured into the world of fiction novels. His first novel, the two-time award-winning novel Beyond the Grate, is a book inspired by true events that occurred in 2010 in the Florida panhandle. Rob created a story based on an event and includes many real locations and history into the story to give it depth and reality. Rob is currently working on a sequel to Beyond the Grate.

For more information about Rob visit his website at www.RobNeto.com

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